Cross-platform apps development with PhoneGap

Reduce costs by supporting one code for both iOS and Android

If you want to create a new app, finding the right supplier is the first and most crucial task. Kultprosvet has a huge experience in developing mobile apps for iOS, Android and hybrid ones. Before getting down to work, we always ask the client about their strategy and goals for the app. Through transforming your requirements into user stories we understand, which framework would be suitable.


Cross-platform apps can be the right solution when you need to build an MVP (minimum viable product) to test your business idea. Creating hybrid app means you need only one developer, who will make a web-project and convert it for each platform, so here you can save your budget a little. However, cross-platform apps are quite limited in their possibilities. The only type of architecture that suits a hybrid app is the one where the app contacts its server only.

If you need your app to interact with the native environment of a device — its hardware and other apps — it’s better to opt for a native app development. Native apps do significantly better when it comes to animation, using the camera, streaming a video or letting a user log in with their Facebook account. Kultprosvet’s engineers have built a lot of beautiful Android and iOS apps.

We have tried all the technologies used in developing cross-platform applications. Here are some we like the most:

  • Cordova and Ionic frameworks
  • Angular framework for JavaScript
  • Jade template engine to generate an HTML code
  • SASS — a CSS markup extension
  • Protractor for testing automation

If you have only an idea about your future project…

Kultrposvet will provide you with a rough free estimation of costs and terms of delivery. For the reasonable money, we will outline the detailed project scope for you.

If you have the project scope for your app…

Kultprosvet’s managers will give you the exact budget estimation free of charge!

If you already have an existing app and want to add a feature or develop it further…

Kultprosvet can be your on-demand supplier and help you make your project even better!


As a result of many years we’ve been serving our clients, we have elaborated two models of communication with them. A client can decide if they want to contact only with our account manager or they can choose to communicate directly with each member of the team involved.

The first step on the way to a successful app is the prototype. A prototype shows you how the future app will work: what are the screens, how the content is located and so on. Being a paid service, prototyping still saves your money, as it saves the time of developers and designers. Here is a prototype we built for one client.

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"The expertise of the Kultprosvet coders is from a high standard. We are very satisfied with the collaboration."
Robert Keus
Brothers Media /
"It is always pleasant to work with Kultprosvet team, we are satisfied with the quality of the services they provide, we always get a prompt response to all of the questions and an excellent quality product. That is why we always recommend them to our clients and our partners."
Kateryna Rosinets
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"Very professional and friendly to work with and very happy with the creative result."
Matthew Jones
Parachute Co-Founder

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