Registration for a free course on web development is open!

What is required?

  • confident knowledge of HTML markup and CSS stylesheets
  • knowledge of any programming language at a basic level
  • English language skills at a level that allows you to read and understand documentation


  • Start date: to be announced later
  • Duration: 6 months / 2 times a week


  • Free of charge

The course consists of lectures and practical exercises. The venue is Kultprosvet's office in the center of the Dnipro.


The course is intended for those who already have a good understanding of HTML and CSS, in other words, those who know how to mark up a page. The ideal candidate is a graduate or a fifth-year student of a technical college with at least an Intermediate llevel of English. To qualify, the main thing is the desire to learn, and then to become a worthy member of our team.


Qualificaation is done in two stages:

  1. Interview over phone — general questions and a chat in English,
  2. Interview in the office — personal acquaintance and technical aspects.


Students who demonstrate good academic performance during homework and test projects will have the opportunity to undergo an internship in Kultprosvet and, if successful, join the team.


  • Using Git in the development process
  • Programming with JavaScript using the ES5 and ES6 standards
  • Using the jQuery library
  • Using the progressive JavaScript framework Vue.js
  • Programming in PHP using the capabilities of versions 5 and 7, as well as the OOP approach
  • Basics of development on Laravel
  • The basics of development on Wordpress


Those who successfully complete the course will be able to develop websites and web applications based on LAMP technologies: quickly, efficiently and completely independently. And we invite the best students to become part of the Kultprosvet team: first for an internship, and then for a full-time job placement.


  • Confident knowledge of HTML markup and CSS stylesheets.
  • Knowledge of any programming language at a basic level.
  • English language skills at a level that allows you to read and understand documentation.

The course instructor

Klim Trakht

CTO / Web developer