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We are the team

of amazing people working in tech

that cares.

The basis

Kultprosvet was founded by a marketer, software developer and designer — opposing personalities who have common core values in terms of responsibility, human relationships, and quality.

Key team members

  • Anton, CEO


  • Klim, СTO


  • Stas, Technical lead

    Technical lead

  • Anton, Chief Delivery Officer

    Chief Delivery Officer

  • Andrey, Team lead

    Team lead

  • Lena, Design team lead

    Design team lead

  • Tanya, HR and Recruitment

    HR and Recruitment


We prefer to grow slowly in numbers, but always focus on quality.


We prefer to grow slowly in numbers, but always focus on quality.


  • Nov 2011

    Foundation of the company

  • May 2012

    First office signed

  • Sep 2012

    There are 8 of us, moved to a bigger office

  • Dec 2012

    Stas joined

  • Jan 2013

    Cat joined the team

  • Feb 2013

    Started delivering mobile apps

  • Mar 2013

    International client base is actively developed

  • Nov 2013

    Revolution in Ukraine

  • Dec 2013

    50% of our clients are outside of Ukraine

  • May 2014

    New office - we’re getting bigger

  • May–Nov 2014

    Significantly extended our presence in the EU and Australia

  • Nov 2014

    New office - another home for a year

  • Jan 2015

    Got our first 5 stars on Upwork

  • Jul 2015

    Our clients geography includes USA, Australia, the Netherlands, Sweden, Austria, Germany and Denmark

  • Nov 2015

    Moved to a new office again, this one was really cool

  • Dec 2015

    Started working with Laravel and Vue.js

  • Mar 2016

    First client from Canada signed

  • Jun 2016

    First dedicated team contract signed

  • July 2016

    Kultprosvet school launch with an Android development course lead by Stas Volnyansky

  • Aug 2016

    Started our Dribbble account

  • Feb 2017

    First Israel based client signed

  • Mar 2017

    Anton joined

  • Jun 2017

    Andrew joined the team

  • Oct 2017

    React native expertise added

  • Oct 2018

    First Norway based client signed

  • Nov 2018

    Started working with Node.js and React

  • Nov 2019

    We’ve got a bit bigger, moved to the new office actively working with 12 clients from Israel

  • Dec 2019

    First sketches of this website’s UI design

  • Jan 2020

    7 dedicated teams running with us

  • Mar 2020

    Getting used to new reality in Zoom

  • Oct 2020

    One of our clients raises $20M, Series A

  • Dec 2020

    We are TOP rated company in Ukraine by Clutch

  • Apr 2021

    New website release


What we do

We bring our experience of building and managing software development teams into successful collaboration with product owners to build great products.


in Ukraine

  • USA, New York
  • Central Europe
  • Israel, Tel Aviv
  • Australia, Sydney

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