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11 / 08 / 20
Kultprosvet Awarded by Clutch as Top Developer in 2020
Kultprosvet is a reliable team of dedicated experts, ready to develop and support medium-sized and highly-loaded web and mobile...
23 / 01 / 18
Why Israeli companies should build R&D in Ukraine
The entrepreneurs have to deal with many problems on their road to success. One of the major challenges that companies face at...
08 / 08 / 17
Why choose Laravel and why we use it?
Laravel is a widely known solution, but it is somewhat difficult to find a non-engineer able to explain what are the Laravel...
09 / 11 / 16
How to choose an outsourcing company that won’t screw up
Find out some practical recommendations for choosing an IT outsourcing company Are you a startupper or a manager of a...
25 / 10 / 16
How to save 30% while developing a client-server app
Thinking about developing a client-server app? It will cost you a fortune, they say. Wrong! There are specialists who know how...
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04 / 08 / 16
How much does it cost to develop a mobile app?
Find out what influences the price for making a mobile app and check how much it can cost to create a great app Isn’t it...
22 / 06 / 16
How to Create an Effective Mobile App Design
Useful advice on how to obtain a mobile app with the design that works for your goals. The process, cost and best practices —...