Kultprosvet’s team knows that sharing is caring. We want to contribute to the IT community of Ukraine and help young professionals find their path. That is why we have started the Kultprosvet School of Web Development and Design.

Our most experienced specialists do their best to prepare programs for different courses: Android, iOS, PHP, UI/UX. We carefully select only the best practices of the industry to provide a cutting-edge knowledge and skills for our students.

We believe that knowledge must be accessible for everybody who truly needs it. Our classes are either free of charge or very affordable for all the attendees. We conduct an application interview to make sure a potential student is interested in the field.

Ongoing courses

Web development
spring - summer 2019

Past courses

Android elementary
fall 2016
Java for Beginners
april - june 2016
Web development
winter - spring 2017
Web development
autumn 2017 - spring 2018