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Building and Android mobile app can be a tough task with the limitless number of devices and OS versions supported. From high-end producers to no-name Chinese custom smartphones — you want your application to look beautiful on each device, no matter what its hardware and software properties are. To ensure that you need to find a reliable partner — just like Kulprosvet’s team.


Environments and frameworks we use to create wonderful Android apps:

  • Android Studio
  • Gradle
  • Retrofit
  • Butter Knife
  • EventBus
  • Sliding Menu
  • Picasso
  • OrmLite
  • Cordova + Ionic
  • Xamarin
  • Unity3D
  • PhoneGap

We think that native applications are the best option when it comes to quality of code and design, however in some cases there might be a need for a cross-platform one. For such occasions, we use the strong skills of our engineers in terms of such frameworks as Cordova + Ionic, Xamarin, Unity3D, and PhoneGap.

We closely follow all the guidelines for development and design of Android apps, e. g. the one about material design. We keep track of all the innovations and trends in this area. Our engineers have remarkable experience in developing different types of apps both for Android smartphones and for tablet devices.

Start building your Android app with us

The three types of situations we can help you resolve

  1. You have the idea, but you don’t have any project scope
    You need to know what amount of investments your Android app will require. And we will definitely assist you with that by outlining a rough estimation free of charge. And then we can prepare a full project scope for an affordable price.
  2. You have the project scope too
    Great, you have just saved your money, as in this case you’ll get your estimation for free!
  3. You have the app and you need to enhance it
    No problem, Kultprosvet’s team will assist you in adding new features to make your product even more exciting. We are also available on demand or we can work according to the Scrum method with you.

Let our in-house account manager execute the project for you or actively take part in the development process.

What are the most important things for an app owner? The audience and its needs! To meet the expectation of your users, before we start developing, we produce a prototype in cooperation with our client. Just like this one. When the prototype is ready and approved, we proceed with creating the application itself.

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What our clients say

"The expertise of the Kultprosvet coders is from a high standard. We are very satisfied with the collaboration."
Robert Keus
Brothers Media /
"It is always pleasant to work with Kultprosvet team, we are satisfied with the quality of the services they provide, we always get a prompt response to all of the questions and an excellent quality product. That is why we always recommend them to our clients and our partners."
Kateryna Rosinets
Prof Digital /
"Very professional and friendly to work with and very happy with the creative result."
Matthew Jones
Parachute Co-Founder

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