Apply for Web development course

What is required?

Sound knowledge of HTML and CSS

A laptop for training


Start date: to be announced later

Duration: 4 months / 2 times a week


Free of charge

This is an introductory course of web development. In order to apply, you should have a solid knowledge of HTML and CSS: roughly speaking, you should now how to make up a web page. The course combines both theoretical and practical classed to be held in our office.

Our perfect candidate is a graduate student or alumnus of a technical university who knows how to work with HTML and CSS and has at least Intermediate level of English. Of course, the most important is your willingness to study and becomе a member of our team afterward.


The selection will consist of two phases:

  1. A telephone interview — we'll ask some general questions and check your level of English.
  2. Interview in our office — we'll meet in person and have a technical interview.


After the course, you will be offered to make a graduation (test) project so that you can show your level of knowledge. The project will be your ticket to the internship and future employment with our company.


  • Using Git in the process of development;
  • Programming in JavaScript and the jQuery Library;
  • Development environment setup;
  • Gulp configuration;
  • Programming in PHP, usage of OOP;
  • Principles of development on Laravel;
  • Wordpress development basics;
  • Drupal development basics.


  • Having completed the course, you'll be able to compose websites and apps based on LAMP bundle quickly and efficiently.
  • We'll invite the best students to be our interns and then — our colleagues.


Candidates must have:

  • skills of using HTML and CSS;
  • a laptop for practical training.

The course instructor

Klim Trakht

CTO / Web developer