Magento CMS Benefits

  • Custom modules for non-standard tasks
  • Even the most complex UI
  • User-friendly back-end interface
  • Custom ecommerce solutions
  • Solutions for forums
  • Web back-end and API for mobile clients
  • Custom theming

If you plan to start an online store or similar website, Magento can be a nice solution. Kultprosvet has a vast experience in developing projects with Magento and our engineers and designers are always ready to help you with that. Magento features great implementation of a traditional shopping cart: there are a catalog, a cart with a one-page checkout, account page and so on. It’s designed to be a finished product, so you can trust it.

To make websites on the Magento platform, we code on PHP and Javascript, use jQuery framework, HTML4/HTML5 for markup, CSS2/CSS3 stylesheets, and such programming languages extensions as SASS/SCSS/LESS. For version control and management, we use Git.


Before starting the actual work, we always discuss the client’s goals and strategy for the website. This way we estimate the need for a particular technology we might choose. Sometimes it turns out that using Magento is not the best solution to deliver the project and it would be smarter to go for Drupal or Wordpress.

Another important step of building a prominent website is starting with a prototype — a mockup of the future project. Prototype shows the website structure, content location and other things for the client to decide upon. Prototyping is not free, although it actually saves your time and money, as the prototype reduces the time spent by developers and designers.


Kultprosvet has two models of communication with clients. You can either control the process of development through our account manager or contact each member of the team directly and become a part of the process.

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What our clients say

"The expertise of the Kultprosvet coders is from a high standard. We are very satisfied with the collaboration."
Robert Keus
Brothers Media /
"It is always pleasant to work with Kultprosvet team, we are satisfied with the quality of the services they provide, we always get a prompt response to all of the questions and an excellent quality product. That is why we always recommend them to our clients and our partners."
Kateryna Rosinets
Prof Digital /
"Very professional and friendly to work with and very happy with the creative result."
Matthew Jones
Parachute Co-Founder

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