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Dedicated Team Model: Why Your Business Should Consider It

In a world where all businesses rely, in one way or another, on IT services, the need for skilled software developers and engineers has become a priority for business owners. “There’s an app for that” has become a common phrase since the dawn of the smartphone, but this also means that businesses that wish to reach their customers via their smartphones should have “a software developer for that” or “a software development dedicated team for that.“

According to a recent survey by Infragistics, more than a third of respondents expressed concern that finding and recruiting software developers with the necessary skills would be a challenge well into 2024. Moreover, 37% of IT professionals are also apprehensive of their job security and 36% believe they are working with limited resources.

Fortunately, there's a way to battle the shortage of IT talent, and it's a cost-effective solution that will help your business in the long run through knowledge sharing and a number of optimizations.

What is the Dedicated Team Model?


First, let’s get this big question out of the way.

A dedicated team is an outsourced team that’s hired to complete a specific set of business objectives that are part of a larger project. As the name suggests, this team is dedicated to the realization of said project alone. In a dedicated team model, the outsourced team is tasked to work on a project full time and reports directly to the client. The main draw of a dedicated team is focus—because they need not worry about other projects except the one they were hired to complete. This leads to shorter turnaround times and higher quality of work without the need to worry about burnout, distractions, and overwhelming workloads. It also ensures steady progress of projects and the gradual realization of your business goals.

The most common use case of this model is the software development dedicated team, in which a client hires an outsourced team of developers for their tech projects, be it building a simple mobile application or developing enterprise software for B2B customers. The dedicated team is managed directly by the client unless they opt for a project manager hired by the outsourcing company.

How Does the Dedicated Team Model Work?

The dedicated team model is a separate entity with its own frameworks and management that are designed to help the team focus on a specific project. In this model, the outsourcing company acts as an assistant to the client, recruiting developers, providing administrative support, and ensuring that the outsourced team has all it needs to complete the project. The client remains at the helm when it comes to the main aspects of the project and the work that needs to be done. In most cases, the client is more hands-on in project management and is able to interact with the dedicated team on a regular basis. This allows for regular progress monitoring and makes it easier to modify deadlines and other aspects of the project as needed.

What is the Structure of a Software Development Dedicated Team?


Depending on the size, nature, and needs of your business, it’s your responsibility to define the structure of your dedicated team. While the list below isn’t comprehensive, they are the most common roles you need to fill:

  • Frontend and backend developers. They are the ones responsible for implementing the user interface of a website or application. They also manage the server components of systems that focus on web services and the data store.
  • UX/UI designers. They are the ones who create the actual user interfaces that ensure a balanced mix of design and functionality. A well designed user interface ensures an intuitive and pleasant experience for both internal and external users.
  • QA engineers. They are the people that ensure all bugs and errors are addressed. Based on the specs and technical design requirements, they evaluate a project and provide relevant feedback and recommendations.
  • DevOps. A portmanteau of development and operations, Devops people are responsible for ensuring the seamless collaboration between development and operations.
  • Business analysts. They are responsible for bridging the gap between software development teams and stakeholders by reviewing processes and providing data-driven feedback and suggestions to both parties.
  • Project managers. They are the ones who ensure smooth sailing from the planning stage to execution. They are also responsible for overall monitoring, project direction, and finalization.

Benefits of a Dedicated Team in Software Development

Today’s business landscape is an extremely competitive one, and businesses are constantly trying to find innovative solutions to maximize their growth potential. The dedicated team model is one such approach, as it offers a multitude of benefits that include significant savings and increased productivity. It's no wonder, then, that it has gained popularity among business owners. Below we discuss a few of its main benefits.

Reduced Costs

One of the top reasons for hiring a dedicated team for software development is its cost efficiency. This reduction in costs operates on two levels: first, it helps you leverage the disparities in salary ranges across the globe. Because you have access to a vast pool of talent from a variety of locations, you have the option to choose your ideal balance of skill and cost. If you choose one of the top outsourcing locations, you can reduce business and operational costs significantly without sacrificing quality.

Second, a dedicated team helps you streamline administrative and legal costs because your chosen outsourcing vendor or provider assumes responsibility for most employment-related costs, including office space, equipment, and employee benefits. This means you don't have to worry about resource planning and other administrative burdens. You can focus your time and energy on your core business and let your outsourcing company or provider handle the rest.

Focused Expertise

Building a team of tech professionals with a specific set of specialized skills will help your business achieve project goals quicker. Commitment is a given with dedicated teams because they are hired for one project, and one project alone. The high level of expertise also allows your business to gain a competitive advantage, helping deliver superior products or services to your customers.

Easy Scalability

Your software development needs will change as your business grows or takes a new direction. A dedicated team provides you the flexibility to scale your resources according to those needs. Whether you need to ramp up to meet demand or scale down during lean periods, you know you're only paying for what you actually need at any given time. This scalability allows you to optimize your business processes regardless of the current market situation.

Seamless Communication and Collaboration

Successful project execution relies on team members being on the same page and having aligned expectations. Establishing direct communication channels helps foster a collaborative environment where ideas and feedback are exchanged freely in real-time. The absence of intermediaries and other communication barriers ensures that the project progresses smoothly and without unnecessary delays.

Full Control

With a dedicated team model, you have full control over the project—from the planning stages up to its finalization. You select the members of your team and manage them directly based on parameters you set and processes you put in place. You're in the driver's seat and you have full control of the project direction, and you don't need to worry about the small details like business permits, payroll, and accounting. The outsourcing company will do all that for you.

Should You Hire a Dedicated Team for Your Software Development Project?


If you’re looking to build and manage a software development dedicated team, it’s best to leave it to the professionals. An outsourcing company will not only streamline the process; it will also help you navigate the vast talent pool from different locations across the globe. Consequently, an outsourcing partner can help build your team in less time and at a fraction of the cost, but how do you know if you need one?

Below are a few reasons to hire a software development dedicated team.

You Can’t Find the Talent you Need Locally

Startups and businesses often opt for a dedicated team because they find it a challenge to find local talent. Scarcity of local talent can become a hindrance to scaling operations, but embracing a globally distributed workforce via a dedicated team will allow you to leverage the expertise of professionals from different countries. With the help of an outsourcing partner, you can do all this without worrying about legal and administrative issues.

You Need Support for Long-term Initiatives

If you have projects that require continuous attention and that are expected to evolve over time, a dedicated team is vital. Allocating long-term projects to an outsourced team frees up your internal teams so they can focus on more urgent projects. This arrangement allows both short-and long-term initiatives to achieve their goals, motivating your internal and external teams to dream big and do more.

You Require Advanced Technical Skills and Knowledge

A software development dedicated team is an excellent solution if your organization lacks specialists with the necessary experience to execute a project. Building this expertise in-house is a long, arduous, and costly process, so most businesses prefer tapping outside talent to focus on complex and time-consuming projects. This ensures that the project is handled by experts with the specific domain expertise required for its successful completion.

You Need 100% Commitment

Hiring a dedicated team of software development specialists gives you the confidence that they will deliver and be fully committed to seeing your project through to the end. This is in contrast to a typical outsourcing model where software developers work on multiple client assignments simultaneously; your dedicated team will solely focus on your project, demonstrating the same level of dedication and drive as your in-house team.

How Much Does a Software Development Dedicated Team Cost?

The pricing strategy of a dedicated team model is simple and straightforward. Basically, you only pay for the services you actually use. You need not worry about office space rental, equipment and licensing, taxes, and other operational costs. It’s also faster and cheaper overall to hire a software development dedicated team than to hire them yourself in-house.

Below are the cost factors associated with a dedicated team.

  • Monthly fees. The primary cost component of a dedicated team is the monthly fee for each team member. Since you hired a team collectively, you pay for the hours worked by each individual. This rate is predetermined and agreed upon during the hiring process. By paying only for the time worked, you have better control over costs and can optimize your budget effectively.
  • No extra costs. Unlike traditional hiring models, a dedicated team eliminates various additional costs typically associated with in-house teams or individual recruitment. These expenses are absorbed by the outsourcing company, resulting in significant cost savings for your organization.
  • Transparent cost management. Since you pay only for time worked, you have a clear understanding of the costs incurred on a project-by-project basis. This transparency enables you to track and allocate resources efficiently, making it easier to stay within your budget and make informed decisions regarding resource allocation.
  • Cost-effective scalability. As your project evolves, you may need to adjust the team size or composition. With a dedicated team, you have the flexibility to add or remove team members based on your project requirements, allowing you to optimize costs and enhance productivity.

Dedicated Teams for Dedicated Business Owners


Partnering with a dedicated team of software developers offers a range of advantages for efficient software development. By harnessing the power of a dedicated team, you can streamline your software development process, accelerate project completion, and achieve exceptional outcomes.

Should you hire a dedicated team for your business?

This is a question that only you, as a business owner, can answer. This model is a cost-effective and quick solution for finding the talent you need, but it will depend on your current business requirements. Often, a company requires only freelancers that will work for them within a short period for small and short-term projects. For larger software development projects, you may find that you might actually be paying more to freelancers due to the inherent drawbacks of this model, including the lack of commitment, infrequent communication, and inadequate development software and tools.

On the flip side, the dedicated team model provides what the freelancing model lacks. You get a team of professionals prepared to give full attention to your project, full control over its progress, and constant communication to help with monitoring and project optimizations. What’s more, you can easily scale your dedicated team up or down based on your current needs. All things considered, the software development dedicated team model is the way to go if you’re looking to complete a software development project smoothly, quickly, and at a fraction of the cost.

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