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How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Magento Website?

If you plan to build an online store or similar website, Magento can be a good choice for that. Prior to anything else, you might think about the cost to develop a custom Magento website, and our article can help you with that. Continue reading to learn more about prices for professional Magento website development, as well as tips and tricks for selecting a nice Magento website development company to suit your business needs.

Being a CMS similar to Wordpress, basic Magento can be deployed by a non-programmer who knows how to buy a hosting space, put some files on an FTP, connect a database being guided by a YouTube tutorial and indicate a domain name. In this case, you’ll have to use a template created by somebody else and you won’t be able to change the design. If your potential customers are tech-savvy people, they will easily notice that you didn’t spend much on your Magento website design and development and you might lose their credit. Such DIY Magento solutions cannot be customized easily and you’ll have to find a right Magento programming specialist to help you.



Before getting down to work, you should think about how many items you will have for sale. The more you have (the bigger you database is), the higher are the Magento requirements for hosting.

At this stage, we should also analyze the basic Magento features, define the custom design, write a project scope, estimate the hours needed for the development, and decide which modules we might need.

Modules for Magento are the extensions that add some features to the basic Magento e-commerce website. There are some ready-to-use plug-ins, but it is often the case that you need to build a new one from scratch for your project. To learn more about Magento modules, read our article “How much does it cost to develop a Magento extension?”.

At this stage we create the UI and UX design, develop the Magento website itself, bearing in mind that it should be responsive and fast-loading to look perfectly on any device and with any internet connection.


Finally, it is necessary to test everything on a test server and only after fixing all the imperfections you can deploy your newly-built custom Magento website to the production version.



Now it is time to finally answer the question — how much does it cost to develop a Magento website?

Level one: online store for one country and one target audience

Select this option when you need to create a classic Magento e-commerce website when there is one retailer who wants to sell via the internet across one region or one country. The cost of building such e-shop will, of course, vary depending on the complexity of custom Magento modules, but generally, it may cost from $6000 to $10 000.

Here are an example of such e-commerce solution:


Level two: e-commerce platform with several е-shops targeted at different countries, with different prices, themes, and languages

Let’s take the as an example. They have different websites for each country where they have the business. Such online stores have custom front-end for different target audiences, various delivery terms and options depending on the country, and so on.


The price for creating this complex solution may vary from $11 000 to $20 000.

Level three: eBay-like web platform with various user roles

Yes, you can even create a new eBay with Magento: users can be divided into retailers and customers, each retailer can set his own delivery options and other terms, and so on. In fact, it is a combination of thousands of online shops on the one platform.

This is the most expensive option with price starting at $20 000 and no limits can be imagined here.



Choosing the company to build your next Magento website is a crucial business decision. There are thousands of small and big companies who offer their consulting and development services, but how to tell the best one from the rest? At Kultprosvet, we’ve been building e-commerce websites for years and we have worked out some best practices for that. Here are some features of a good Magento development company:

  1. First, they ask about your business goals and plans.
  2. They are targeted not at selling you a Magento website development, but at finding a right solution to suit your needs.
  3. They make a detailed project scope and want you to approve it before getting down to programming itself.
  4. They think about the future growth of your business and chose the scalable solutions.
  5. They provide continuous support in servicing your ready online store.

These are the rules that guide us at every stage of cooperating with clients. Contact us and you’ll have the service and support you deserve.

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