Android application for people got in extreme situation to be able to record video and save it on the go together with location, so their friends know what happens

Oko is an Android application that allows user to turn on the device’s camera discreetly and send video to their Dropbox every 5 seconds. Files are safely stored in the cloud even if the device would be damaged itself.

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The client first asked us for an estimate and when we made it, he found the price a bit higher that he could afford. So he managed to find another team which was developing the app several months. When they finished, the client wasn’t satisfied with the quality and he decided to come back to Kultprosvet.


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We had to refactor the code completely and tune the app so that it would cooperate correctly with the hardware.

The challenge of the Oko project was that it was impossible to set universally applicable parameters of video caption which would work on all the Android devices. Instead we had to built a tool for testing the recording process, so that each user could select the right settings.

Stanislav, Android developer

The client was very satisfied with the result. He attracted the investments for Oko Android app through crowdfunding, and he was going to get back to Kultprosvet when he finds the resources for creating the iOS app.

Interface details

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Visit the Oko project website we made: http://oko.cloud/



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