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Vernum is a bank, who reached us in need of a modern corporate website. The bank has outlined a new target audience as young and middle-aged professionals, so the website they wanted to have should be up-to-date, easy to use, and good-looking.

Kultprosvet has been engaged into designing and developing of the bank website with some useful functions like loan and deposit calculators.

We were inspired by modern web design trends and created a fresh-looking and unconventional corporate website for a bank.

індивідуальний підхід до потреб кожного клієнта

комплексний підхід до потреб бізнесу клієнта

швидкий, зручний, вигiдний кредит готiвкою на будь-якi потреби

фнансові онлайн-сервіси від вернум банку

швидкість прийняття рішень щодо кредитування

прозорі та чіткі умови кредитування

вашi грошi повиннi працювати на Вас, ми подбаємо про це

керування рахунком у вашому мобiльному телефонi

“This project was interesting and challenging to me, because we had to build a website for a financial institution that should be reliable and safe, within quite tight budget. Moreover, a bank is not a start-up and before a decision is made, it should undergo a series of approvals by different managers. I’m proud we managed to organize the process in the way we could cope with all the hierarchy complications.”
Liza, Account Manager

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