Veseli Carameli

Corporate website development for Veseli karameli, caramel sweets crafting company


Veseli Karameli is a Ukrainian company engaged in the production and sale of handmade caramel. Wishing to strengthen their presence on the Internet, the Director of the company Svetlana Morozova addressed us.

The development of the new version of the site was associated with several issues: in the process of developing the previous version, the client did not have a clear strategy for the company's online behavior; with the advent of the new strategy, the need for technical optimization of the project for SEO needs arose. And, of course, design. With this client and turned to us.



As a point of reference, we had a logo that served as the basis for defining style. The appearance of the company's products is in fact selling, so the decision to bet on images was obvious.

As a concept, several blocks of the main page of the project were developed. The first thing that attracts attention is hovering on the main block of camarels on a soft, pleasant background. The colors and styles of the site were chosen to make the design more emotional.


It was easy for us to carry on a dialogue with this customer, so all decisions were made quickly, and the mood of the team was always on the alert.

Lisa, Key account manager


Another feature of the project is the organization of a high-quality photo shoot for goods, production and the rest of the brand environment. The site did not use stock images, and their own photos were taken with love and understanding and, as a result, warm emotions on every page.

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The design of the site, of course, is implemented within the framework of an adaptive concept, so that it is well displayed both on the computer screen, and not on smartphones and tablets. The technical implementation of the site was carried out within the framework of the Drupal CMS using the ZURB Foundation Framework (Sass / SCSS based) on the frontend.

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