Native iOS & Android app development for users to share restaurant visiting experience

WaysGo is a complex social networking application that allows users to meet new people based on places and things they like. There are different user types and many features: you can find places, read stories about them and create your own content.

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Developing an app with multiple components is not like writing ‘Hello, World!’. To succeed, you need to organize the code and standards which all the engineers would follow. This prevents you from facing chaos by the end of production.

Stanislav, Team Lead Manager

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The client didn’t want to make a project scope once and for years, he preferred to use the Scrum agile methodology. So we outlined a roadmap of continuous project development and proceeded with 1-week sprints.

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For me the most challenging things about the WaysGo project were to customize Google Maps and to optimize battery consumption while tracking the location of user.

Roman, Android Developer Founder

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It took us about 6 months to complete the this client-to-server application. We designed and developed two native applications: iOS and Android. Our UI/UX team also produced the whole web interface design for the WaysGo web application. We were not in charge for the backend of the project and we collaborated successfully with the client’s in-house backend developer.


What makes me proud of my team is that we managed to create an intuitive and easy interface, both for web and mobile, for such a complex project. We took into account interaction of different types of users and implemented a step-by-step system to add and moderate content.

Lena, UI/UX expert, Team Lead

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