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02 / 02 / 16
How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Magento Extension?
Having a Magento website means you need to use its extensions. There are thousands of ready-to-use Magento modules, and choosing the...
30 / 08 / 15
Three must-reads for designers in February
Time to dive into exciting stories! We have picked these three books for you to be tough with your brains, fill it with new...
03 / 03 / 15
Five tools any designer would love
Sometimes you don’t need to reinvent the wheel and waste your time on the task that can be easily completed with already existing...
12 / 02 / 15
Should you show passwords on log-in screens?
Open Sesame Passwords, passwords are everywhere. Security and privacy are priority number one! Your password should be as complex...
Open Sesame
29 / 12 / 14
Four cases of a good web animation usage
The animation is a web design trend for 2015 and a constantly developing area. Even if you are not a designer or developer yourself...
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12 / 12 / 14
Wireframe, prototype and mock-up: what is the difference?
Tell it like it is We often see the following words: wireframe, prototype and mock-up. You might think that experienced UX-...
Tell it like it is